Our 1940s trailer in pristine condition. Step in and imagine yourself living through the extreme weather conditions of the Tri-Cities with your whole family!

<center>Energy Northwest Columbia Fountain</center>

Energy Northwest Columbia Fountain

Enjoy the soothing sound of this trickling fountain made out of an old fuel cell assembly.

<center>Solar Stage</center>

Solar Stage

This feature next to the amphitheater, is the perfect backdrop showcasing the Columbia River. After dark, the arches are illuminated, creating a wonderful glow around the REACH.

<center>Energy Northwest Animal Trail</center>

Energy Northwest Animal Trail

Take a stroll from the Solar Stage to the river with steel cut-outs of 22 animals native to this area like deer, owls and salmon.

<center>Education Garden</center>

Education Garden

Check out the variety of crops growing in the planter boxes, also grown by local farmers. Watch out for the pivot! Watering occurs daily.

<center>Cold War Bus</center>

Cold War Bus

The refurbished 1954 GMC bus is fully operational! In fact, you may see it around town while out on a tour of the Alphabet Homes of Richland.

<center>Hanford Irrigation Canal</center>

Hanford Irrigation Canal

Learn about the farming community of Hanford from 1908-1943 and the miles of laterals constructed.