Main Hall

Rotating Gallery

Stories about our community's diversity and heritage are regularly featured in this circular exhibit space. From local artists’ interpretation of atomic aftermath, to the Columbian Mammoth that was discovered near Kennewick in 2008, the current exhibit focuses on the Alphabet Homes of Richland. There are floor plans, photos and fantastic artifacts on display.

<center>Roll On Columbia</center>

Roll On Columbia

This picture gallery introduces visitors to the history of hydropower in the Columbia Basin highlighting the Bonneville Power Administration and Federal Columbia River Power System.

<center>Protecting Our River</center>

Protecting Our River

Sponsored by Washington Closure Hanford (WCH), this exhibit features a large aquarium with fish native to the Columbia River. Take a moment to watch the video discussing the clean-up of Hanford being completed by WCH.

<center>The Land Irrigated</center>

The Land Irrigated

This floor-to-ceiling satellite map illustrates the prolific agriculture industry in the Columbia Basin stretching from the Palouse Hills up to Grand Coulee and over to Mt. St. Helens.

<center>The Power of Nuclear Energy and Clean Energy in the Northwest</center>

The Power of Nuclear Energy and Clean Energy in the Northwest

Sponsored by Energy Northwest, this exhibit highlights the use of nuclear energy, wind power and hydropower.