REACH Education Programs

Inspiring a lifelong interest in science, math, technology, history, and culture through enhancing the educational experiences of our community.
Serving the Mid-Columbia Basin and beyond, we engage with diverse communities through interactive and inquiry-based programs and exhibits.

Commitment to Service

Our education staff works with educators before and after every visit. Before each visit, we promise to work with educators to cater our presentations and programs to best fit with the educational needs of the class or group. After each visit, we promise to follow up with the educator with additional supplemental information and testing materials.

Commitment to Quality

Our dynamic and engaging programs are geared to grade level and aligned with current education standards. We are dedicated to delivering programs with the most current and accurate information, which is reviewed by subject experts.

Committed to Enhancing the Educational Experience

We deliver inquiry-based, hands-on educational experiences that ignite curiosity, enhance critical thinking, and instill a passion for learning. We bring materials and resources, often not available to schools, to all our programs that enhance the traditional curriculum.

To find out more about our educational programs, please contact:
Pauline Schafer

(509) 943-4100 ext. 113

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