"Our primary mission will be one of storyteller... Looking through the lens of the Hanford Reach National Monument and the Columbia River."

The river is what binds us all together and the stories of the river told by the REACH will be our legacy to future generations.

It will be a reflection of who we are and all of the elements that have been woven together to make the Hanford Reach National Monument unique in the world. As storyteller, our goal is to bring our history, culture and heritage alive for learners of all ages. We will reflect on where we have been, who we are now and where we are going.

Our story begins with the land itself and the early formation of the Hanford Reach National Monument via the Basalt Flows and the Ice-Age Floods. We will explore the peopling of this land from the Native Americans to Lewis and Clark and the early White Bluffs settlers who planted the seeds of an agricultural community. We will commemorate the Northern Pacific Railroad, the construction of Grand Coulee Dam, and the Columbia Basin Project that brought water to the Columbia Basin, transforming the land to an oasis in the desert.

Our Vision

  • The REACH is a gateway to the Hanford Reach National Monument, including the last free-flowing stretch of the Columbia River.
  • To celebrate the natural, scientific, and cultural history of Eastern Washington through programs and exhibitions that encourage curiosity and inquiry.
  • To be a catalyst for tourism by promoting cultural, historical, and recreational attractions.
  • To tell the stories of our diverse community, which has profoundly impacted local, national, and international events.
  • To explore exciting contemporary perspectives on history, science, energy, technology, and environmental stewardship.
  • Inspires wonder and discovery through education and fun for all people.