2017 Tour Schedule

We are very excited to announce our full tour schedule for the upcoming 2017 year! See below for scheduling, pricing, and additional details

While our exhibits tell the stories of our land and culture, we invite you to experience it for yourself through a guided tour. Our tour program is designed to enhance the museum experience by taking visitors out to see for themselves both natural and manmade artifacts and objects. Our tour schedule includes exciting and engaging tours through natural landscapes, wine country and the world’s first full-scale plutonium production reactor. Check our schedule for upcoming expeditions and call Sara at 509-943-4100 ext 108 or email at sarac@visitthereach.org to book your event today.

Payment in full is required by confirmation date. Full refunds will be given if canceled before the confirmation date. 20% of ticket cost will be withheld if cancellation occurs after confirmation deadline.

Tours are subject to change or cancellation if the minimum requirement of participants is not met by the confirmation deadline. In some cases it may still be possible to sign up for a tour after the confirmation deadline.

All tours will be escorted by a guide. Please plan on being 15 minutes early so the tour can depart on time. If you have any special diet requirements please let us know at time of sign up for the tour. No open alcohol on buses. All tours depart from The REACH unless otherwise stated.

All tours must be purchased through Sara, please call or email. The week of your tour you will be contacted by Cathleen the tour coordinator.

Cold War Bus Alphabet Houses Tour

September 30th, 2017 9:30AM-12Noon

Learn about the history ABC houses in Richland. Richard Nordgren, historian, will narrate this tour.

Price: $30

(Leaves from the REACH)

Coyote Canyon Mammoth Dig and Ice Age Floods Features of Benton and Walla Walla Counties

August 19th, 2017 (8AM-5PM)

This full day tour is led by Gay Kleinknecht, Ice Age Floods expert and Education Director for MCBONES. Visit the working site where a 17,449 year old mammoth was discovered. Included will be a trip to Wallula Gap, Equatzel Coulee and Devil’s Canyon.

Price: $87

(Leaves from the REACH)

Tri-cities Geology Tour

August 26th, 2017 9AM-1PM

George Last explores the geology beneath the Tri-Cities. This tour includes exposures of the massive Columbia River Basalts, Yakima River deposits, and Ice Age Floods deposits. There will be a short 1.3 mile hike along the Yakima River Bluffs.

Price: $76

(Leaves from the REACH)


September 7th, 2017 8AM-5PM

Learn how wine is produced in the Yakima Valley AVA. Dr. Wade Wolfe, owner of Thurston Wolfe Winery, will lead the tour through the vineyards and explain the artistry of making great wine. Wine tasting and lunch will be served at the winery.

Price: $94

(Leaves from the REACH)

Hops to Bottle

September 16th, 2017 8AM-4PM

Visit the hops yards (fields), a hop drying plant, and Yakima Chief (YCH Hops) where hops are transformed into pellets and oils. Learn about beer making at several breweries, including lunch and a flight of beer and Snipes Mountain Brewery.

Price: $113

(Leaves from the REACH)

Southern Cheney-Palouse Scablands and Palouse Falls

September 23rd, 2017 8AM-5PM

Ice Age Floods expert, Gary Kleinknecht, leads this bus tour from the REACH to the Hatton Coulee Rest Area. The tour includes Old Maid Coulee, Staircase Rapids, Washtucna Coulee, Palouse Falls, and Devil’s Canyon.

Price: $87

(Leaves from the REACH)